Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick- Spoiler Alert

Product Name- Smashbox Always on Liquid Lipstick- Spoiler Alert

Product Price- Rs 2050/-

My Views-
I always wanted to try Smashbox product. So at time of Diwali I came across a product which has around 0.9 ml of 2 shades Driver’s seat and Spoiler Alert. I recently checked and can see that Smashbox Always On Mini Matte Duo is not available now. Hence I am reviewing both the shades separately now. So full size is 4ml and in mini you get 0.9 ml. I so wish they come with more minis. I always like mini version more.

  • it’s a beautiful cool toned mauve shade

  • it will flatter every skin tone especially fair to medium

  • pigmentation is just wow, just one coat and you are done

  • need I say anything about the formula, one of the best formula, liquid lipstick is little creamy but it applies on lips like buttery smooth. You will just love love love the formula

  • staying power is again a winner. It stayed on my lips for almost 7-8 hours and yes it survived meal too that too proper Indian meal.

  • it’s matte and can say complete matte but not at all drying on lips. It’s super comfortable

I am definitely going to try more shades from this range.

Ratings- 10/10

Note- in hand search below one is spoiler alert


Lotus Make-Up Clash of Colours Ecostay Butter Matte Paint Pot- Insane Blue

I was eyeing on NYX Vivid Bright Creme Color from long time especially their Bad Blood shade which is in price Rs 750/-. it’s hard to get offers on NYX and if any offers come all favourite shades just become out of stock. I went through reviews they were not great either. So I was little skeptical in spending money on just one color. While browsing I saw this. I was like since when lotus herbals started making these. I checked for reviews but there were none. This was decently priced at Rs 349/- and I got it in 10% discount. Currently there are 4 shades Available Insane Blue, Pink Craze, Magenta Freak, Orange Punch.

Magenta Freak and orange punch was out of stock. So I ordered rest two. Though I have many liners in blue color. But somehow I knew it’s going to be different.

Price– Rs 349/-

My Views-

  • it doesn’t come in any outer cardboard packaging you will just get it wrapped in a thin transparent layer.

-packaging is decent and the pot looks like any other gel liner pot but it’s travel friendly

-once you open you will see a buttery texture. It’s not like other gel liner which are more cakey and hard kind of. It is actually buttery if not moussy.

  • it doesn’t come with any applicator so make sure you have one as it will be difficult to use it as eyeliner

  • it gives opaque pigmentation in just one swipe. Pigmentation is really great I didn’t expected that and I so wish it comes in more color.

  • on nykaa it was mentioned it can be used as eyeshadow, eyeliner and as mascara. I used it as eyeliner and eyeshadow it is wonderful as both but yet to try it as mascara base will update article after trying.

  • it dries quickly and settle as matte. It’s almost non smudging after drying.

-it blends well so I used it as eyeshadow. It didn’t creased at all. I am planning to use it as base for my black eyeshadow it may be mix and match. Will update after trying.

  • for me maximum time for makeup these days is 5-6 hours and my eyelid is normal (it not oily). And it stayed good throughout.

Summary- I am extremely in love with this and going to definitely try other two shades (if available online)

CAL Los Angeles Intense Dry Matte Lipstick- Mulberry Purple

CAL Los Angeles is a new brand for me and its first time I ordered from this brand. Why I ordered I dont know but whether I liked it or not that you can know by reading the review. I got this from amazon India.

Price- Rs 450/- (but you can get it on good discount on Amazon)

My Views- as this brand was new for me I didnt had any idea how this will turn out. But to my surprise it was so nice. I loved the pigmentation just one swipe and there it is. It gives a semi matte kind of look which is comfortable on lips. Staying power is average. Can’t survive meals. But that’s okay this is the same case with every bullet Lipstick.

It’s a mauve kind of shade which will flatter every skin tone.

Summary- I will highly recommend this especially to those who are looking for a good budget buy.

Lakme Absolute Lip Pout Matte Masaba Lip Color- Sugar-n-Spice

I always search for a perfect red colour. I found many but still my search never end. I liked many I loved many. So coming to this one which is from red color family. Truely speaking when I placed order I just read the name and I thought it will be brownish color. I know that’s my bad I should have atleast looked on shade card.

Price- Rs 750/-

My Views-

  • I love the formula of lakme absolute matte crayon. This one is also almost the same

  • though I have super dry and chapped lips. I find the formula somehow comfortable on me.

  • the formula though looks like pure matte but it’s not the super matte kind of shade

  • sugar n spice is from red color family and I think this particular shade of red will flatter every skin tone

  • formula is great again as much staying power is concerned. It stays good for many hours. It will survive even full meal though little fade all you have to do it press your lips and you are good to go.

  • packaging is super cute so vibrant and beautiful

Summary- those who are looking for comfortable red color matte lipstick can give it a try.

MAC Cremesheen Lipstick- Crosswires

Every makeup lover addict once wants to try MAC product especially their Lipstick. Mac has huge range of shades and formulas. Today I am going to review one Lipstick from their Cremesheen range known as Crosswires.

Price- Rs 1500/-

My View-

I am a die hard matte lipstick fan. I love anything matte on my skin. But once in a while I really want a comfortable lippy especially in all major shades. In orange I had matte lipstick I was looking for a wearable glossy one and I came across this one.

  • it’s an orange pink shade. On my lips it’s looks more of orange with hint of pink

  • it’s extremely comfortable on lips. Glide like butter.

  • I have pigmented lips so it take 2 swipe to completely cover the pigmentation

  • I read in many reviews it dry the lips. But even I have dry lips but it’s fine on me.

  • it is patchy you really need to swipe it well.

  • staying power is around 4-5 hours. After meal it might get fade. Just press your lips and colour will spread out evenly.

  • shade will fatter almost every skin tone.


I will highly recommend this if price is not an issue for you it’s a must have shade.

Wet n Wild MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick- Rebel Rose

I think almost around 10 times I added this in my cart and at time of checkout again moved it to wishlist for next time. But finally I ordered it. Let’s see whether I liked it or not.

Price- Rs 499/-

My Views- thank God I ordered it. I don’t know what has stopped me from so long. Yes it’s a nude based color but it’s very different from what I have. Yes it’s a liquid lipstick but it’s formula is very comfortable and not much drying. It dries quickly looks so fabulous. Survive normal meals stay good. Its a matte lipstick which is super comfortable on lips. What else you want in any lippy. I am definitely going to get some more shades from this range. I anyway love wet n wild product. They are worth every penny. And this beauty is a love.

Summary- order it right now if you want to have a wearable rose nude shade for your lips.

Sugar Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick-26 Rose Repose

I love Lipstick, I love matte, I love liquid lipstick. Last year I tried one shade from Sugar smudge me not range and that was plum yum. While writing this review I checked I have not reviewed plum yum yet so will review that soon. I really liked the range Alot. In fact I love sugar cosmetics aloooot. Though the formula is extremely drying. But if your lips are well moisturized you can manage.

Price- Rs 499/-

My View-

I wanted to try one more shade from newly launched color. I chose this one I thought this will be different. Though u have many shades likes this in my vanity. But obviously formulas are different.

  • it’s extremely drying so you definitely need to exfoliate and moisturize your lips very well. You can not skip the prep process

  • it’s highly pigmented. Just one swipe and you are done

  • not at all transferable. That’s why the name smudge me not.

  • staying power superb. Stays full day on me. Survive normal meals oily meals can make it flaky and that’s the biggest con as it doesn’t uniformly. Lips look crumbled.

Summary- if you are fine with extremely dry formula it’s a must have range. They have awesome shades to chose from.

Currently obsessing over-3

Past 10-15 days have been quite hectic for me hence not so regular on blogs. Well there are so many product reviews are in my drafts I just need to edit and publish. So I hope in coming future will review many products.

But for now let’s discuss about what I am currently obsessing.

  1. Doodle- I think this is going to be my forever love. There are so many possibilities in doodling all you need is an open mind. Sharing couple of pics below which I draw recently

  1. Books- books are a man (and woman’s too) best friend. Finished reading The Animal Farm by Jeorge Orwell. It’s a satire and still completely matches.

  1. Lip love- I am a big time makeup lover especially lip products. I recently got Jeffree star Cosmetics lip palette. Will review it soon.

  1. Eye makeup- once upon a time I was all about eye makeup but slowly I started experimenting more and now I am again back to it. My eyeshadow collection.

Thats it for now.

Lots of ❤


Lakme Absolute Lip Pout Matte Masaba Lip Color- Role-a-cola

Who don’t like a fun color especially if you are a Lipstick lover like me you definitely like to explore different shades and formulas. It has been long time that LakmeLip Pout Masaba Lip Color was launched. I liked their packaging but somehow I felt there is no new colours. Infact there is nothing new except for packaging. But to my surprise I found this color which is really different. Let’s see whether I liked it or not.

Price- Rs 750/-

Product Packaging- it comes in a twisted crayon kind of packaging. The crayon is well designed

My View-

It’s that cola color. Yes it is a cola color. This is not very usual color. I don’t think I can wear it on regular basis or at any place. It has got its own charm. I though loved this shade aloooot. this color is very dominating and will look good with well coordinated makeup. So it’s better to either wear it alone or with well coordinated makeup.

Formula is not complete matte but yes almost matte. Pigmentation is great and staying power is good too. On my lips it stayed around 5-6 hours without meal. It can survive light meal.

Summary- if you like to explore different colour you can give it a try. It’s not something you can wear as formal or on regular basis.

Nykaa Sealed With a Kiss! Lip Palette- Flower Child 02

When Nykaa launched Sealed with a Kiss lip palette I was really excited. You get 6 colours in a palette that means super travel Friendly and that too in Rs 650/- a good deal isn’t it. But I saw lot of people posted on Nykaa’s Instagram feed that pigmentation is poor, it’s not completely Matt and blah blah. So I thought to give it a miss. For long time I controlled my urge but I thought let’s give it a try. Pigmentation is not an issue I will use it as balm and it’s not completely matte I am totally fine with that too. So after a little research I settled with Flower child this one have Red, Pink and Blush tones.

Let’s see whether I liked it or not

Price- Rs 650/-

Packaging- it comes in a square box in which 3-3 shades are there with an applicator. Honestly I didn’t like the aoolicator at all. I use my fingers only for application. I feel in that way it gives a little warmth to shade and it shows its color more beautifully.

My View-

-I simply loved this palette. I don’t understand why people expect so many things in this price.

-As much flower child is concerned it has red,pink and blush shade.

-I tried from the given applicator as well from brush I have but I will highly suggest to use your fingers to get the true color. I understand it’s little messy and unhygienic but it’s worth.

  • you have to apply 2-3 times to get good opaque color.

  • the formula looks solid cream in pan and settle as creamy matte on lips

  • formula is very comfortable on lips, it is hydrating too. Just in case if you missed to moisturize your lips before you don’t need to worry. But it will be good if lips are non flaky.

  • color stays for good 4-5 hours on my lips. Even after meal when color fades it leaves a beautiful tint. It looks very even

  • this palette is also meant for use as blush. I have used the same and trust me it gives you a very natural flushed skin. Just a little and blend blend blend. It looks so natural and fresh.

I so loved this palette that I got another one too Girl Boss. I will review the same very soon.

Now coming to swatches below. I have gone left top, right top, left middle, right middle, left bottom and right bottom.

In below hand Swatch the above one is top to down

Summary- this is a good multi use product. I have used this as blush and it works wonderfully.

Lots of ❤