Pond’s White Beauty Daily Spot-less Lightening Facial Foam

I don’t remember how I got this product most probably as a free sample I got this. Anyhow doesn’t matter. I always remember Pond’s by their talcum powder range. I have used them a lot in my school college days. I personally like Pond’s product. So when I came across this product cleaning my personal care wardrobe I thought to give it a try.

DSC02434 DSC02435


Pond’s White Beauty Daily Spot-less Lightening Facial Foam


Rs 30/- for 20 gm


24 Months/2 years


Sorry for the swatch it’s not very clear, actually I clicked the pic 2 months ago and didn’t checked the picture quality. Now the product is finished I purchased tiny miny one. Well I will describe it as very creamy in texture and true to its name it is like foam when you apply on face. Fragrance is very soothing quite feminine kind of. I anyhow love fragrance of Pond’s product a lot.

DSC02436 DSC02437


The product is from their range white beauty. I want to make it very clear I don’t personally believe neither I promote anything related to whitening effect. Yes obviously I love clean clear problem free glowing skin. Now who don’t like it? This product is very creamy and when applied on face it foams well. With less water it gets off from face. I hate those face washes which get stick to face J just after washing your face you can see a clean and bright face. Yes it really cleans thoroughly and brighten the face. I don’t have acne pimple so I can’t say on that regard. But yes because of tanning little pigmentation is there on face. It worked ok ok there. I think it cleans and brighten the face hence pigmentation doesn’t appear that much. The biggest con with this is It is very drying. I have normal to dry skin and I felt like someone stretching my facial skin. A toner and moisturizer is a must have after this.

So summing up the ‘+’ and ‘-‘point

Below are the + points-

  1. Thoroughly cleanses skin
  2. Makes skin brighter
  3. Good budget face wash
  4. Come out very easily with little water
  5. Less quantity is required to get the foam

Below are – points-

  1. Very drying on skin. Ouch L
  2. Not very much effective in removing spots and pigmentation


Yes, if you are looking for a good budget face wash which cleanse and brighten the face











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