Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rose

I purchased it way back when it was launched. I have very dry lips and it always need full dose of moisturisation and I can’t resist myself to pick this one. It looks so pretty, creamy, buttery. J


Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rose

DSC02665 DSC02666 DSC02667


Rs 180/- for 16.7gm


It’s very slightly tinted pink color and extremely creamy and buttery in texture. Fragrance is mainly of Raspberry with little hint of rose.

DSC02669 DSC02670 DSC02673


It comes in a beautiful flat round tin packaging. The packaging is an instant love and when you open it a very nice fragrance of raspberry with rose you will feel. The consistency is thick and buttery so don’t think of layering your lips with it like we do with our other lip balms. As it leaves a thick whitish pink layer which looks very odd. Though a little is required you just need to take very little quantity and gently massage if still there is extra wipe it out. this is really effective as lip butter though I have not seen any change in reduction of pigmentation on my lips but yes my lips are soft and look moisturized and healthy J. You just need to be careful while applying it. It’s better to apply when you are in home.


Recommended for dry lips











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