Patanjali Hair Conditioner Protein

Written By Khyati S :-

I was not very much into conditioning of my hairs. From last year only, I tried one conditioner and realized a conditioner’s importance to hairs.

While visting Patanjali Store to buy other stuffs, I came across this product and Voila ! I got an ayurvedic substitute of the conditioner I was using.


Patanjali Hair Conditioner Protein



Rs 60 for 100gm


24 Months/2 years


Check snap below



It is a white coloured creamy substance. The fragrance is mild and pleasant.



Frankly speaking, I bought this product keeping no profit and no loss preposition in my mind. When I used it first time, I was very happy with the response I got from my hairs. But I thought it is just a change in taste: P.But after continuous usage, the product has proven me wrong. I am using this product twice in a week after washing my hairs and it is living up to its claims.

So here is the summary of my experience with Patanjali Hair Conditioner Protein :

1) After wash I almost soak my hair in the conditioner. Post rinse it gives totally frizz free hairs.

2) My hair feels smooth, tangle free for 3-4 days.

3) Hairs are maintaining their shine and it is natural!!

4)I cannot comment on Its contribution towards keeping hair strong as I am suffering with severe hair fall due to change in weather and geography. But yes, it has not made the things worse for me.

5) It gets rinsed off very easily. I do not have to use much water for the same.

6) Its fragrance does not live more than a day. So if you want long lasting fragrance than it’s not the right choice!!

7) All natural active ingredients as mentioned at the tube and I trust Patanjali products.

8) It has travel friendly tube packaging. Conditioner never oozes out of the tube and cap firms well.

9)The conditioner lasted for more than three months !! Nobody can deny its cost effectiveness.

10) Its availability is an issue. I bought it around 3 months back and I am not seeing this product in any of the Patanjali stores nearby.


For a price like INR 60 and with this peformance, this is a must buy.



Point deducted for:

1) Less Availability

2) No contribution in lustre of hairs. Whatever shine I have it’s just maintaining the same.

My Note- I generally have very good experience from all Patanjali products except their Shampoos that’s why I didn’t tried their conditioner. Now after going through the review I am going to head towards the nearest Patanjali store