Lotus Herbals Safe Sun DeTan After Sun Face Pack

There is a story behind this purchase. When I came to Hyderabad in 2012 I started noticing lot of tan on my face. And in addition to that my work profile includes lots of travelling so more and more tanning. I was extremely worried. So when I visited salon some one and half year before the salon lady asked me to undergo “AntiTan Facial Cleanup”. I agreed instantly though the cost was almost double of normal cleanup. I really felt the difference so I asked her what she did she said they have especially formulated “Anti Tan” range and she didn’t disclosed the name. I continued with this clean up for almost 6 months. One day I noticed she was using “Lotus DeTan Pack” I didn’t said anything to her but I searched online and I was right it was Lotus DeTan pack only. Without second thought I purchased it. Read on to know whether I liked it or not.


Lotus Herbals Safe Sun DeTan After Sun Face Pack

IMG_20141209_082112 IMG_20141209_082225


Rs 265/- for 100 gm


36 Months/3 years


Check the snap below



Check the snap below



It’s like onion kind of color clay based creamy face pack with sweet fragrance of rose and sandal mainly. Its really refreshing and soothing.

IMG_20141209_082244 IMG_20141209_082259


I was super excited to try this and when I applied I felt little sensation on my skin something itching type. I use to feel the same sensation in salon too so I knew it’s the same thing. But I still think salon people had mixed few more things in it. Anways I have dry skin so I was little scared about this clay mask but it didn’t gave dry feel to my skin. And result was sooo good clear glowy skin. Though you have to use it regularly twice or alternate days to get rid of stubborn tan. I use this with their anti tan scrub which I already reviewed here.

So summing up the ‘+’ and ‘-‘point

Below are the + points-

  1. Does remove the tan
  2. Make skin clean and bring glow (though glow stays for one day only)
  3. Don’t dry the skin
  4. Fragrance is very refreshing and soothing
  5. With regular use you can even get rid of stubborn tan

Below are – points-

  1. Itching sensation
  2. Lots of chemicals


1 Removes Pigmentation Upto some extent I don’t have problem of pigmentation but I think it will be able to remove pigmentation caused by sun damage
2 Lightens overall complexion True (if tan goes obviously complexion will get lighten)
3 Improves skin tone, clarity and translucency True



Go for it girl if you suffer from tanning problem



1 point deducted for presence of lots of chemicals








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