Revlon Photoready Concealer in Medium Deep

I am not very much into concealer I feel my foundation is more then sufficient. I don’t know what happened to me one day and I purchased this Concealer. But I don’t regret it now.

IMG_20141211_110257 IMG_20141211_110341


Revlon Photoready Concealer in Medium Deep


Rs 725/-


It has very very very fine shimmer you will not even notice it. This range is photoready and I think the shimmer is fot that effect only. Below I have swatched the concealer below. In one side I sketched permanent marker and tried to hide it.

IMG_20141211_110504 IMG_20141211_110537 IMG_20141211_110609 IMG_20141211_110623


  • You can see in the above swatch how perfectly it hide the black line
  • I am in love with this product, it really gives that photoready effect
  • Though I don’t have major problem of pigmentation but many times I get little dulness in under eye area and at corner of my moth little pigmentation is there. It covers well both the areas
  • I am not able to show in pic but I have a cut mark on my cheek which is very faint though but still one can notice it. So it covered that also thogh not 100%
  • It gives medium to high coverage.
  • It blends well with skin
  • Packaging is like lipstick one, twist up mechanism
  • You can use it directly over area or from brush or from finger
  • Its really creamy


I simply love this product.










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