The Body Shop Brazil Nut Shower Cream

I am addicted to TBS product fragrances there are hardly any which I don’t like (in whatever product I tried). In GOSF 2014 last December it was under some good discount I controlled myself as I was planning to buy this warm nutty fragrance shower cream for winter season.

IMG_20141230_081924 IMG_20141230_081934 IMG_20141230_082057


The Body Shop Brazil Nut Shower Cream


Rs 425/- for 250 ml


30 Months/2.5 years


Check the snap below (sorry for hazy image)



Its runny with little brownish hint in color. Fragrance is very strong sweet nutty fragrance. I bet you will feel like you are going to eat candies.

IMG_20141230_082120 IMG_20141230_082152 IMG_20141230_082222


My skin is dry and I have to take good care of it in winters. Though in Hyderabad we don’t have so intense winter but still skin does feel dry comparison to summer and monsoon. I was looking for a creamy shower gel and I was eying on this specific range of TBS luckily I got good discount in GOSF. This is creamy and hydrates skin like anything. Many times I skip body butter or body lotion but still my skin feel smooth and hydrated. It doesn’t lather like shower gels but once you massage it you will get creamy lather which cleanses skin perfectly leaving the heavenly fragrances apt for the winter season. The fragrance and creamy touch make you feel so warm. J

So summing up the ‘+’ and ‘-‘point

Below are the + points-

  1. It hydrates skin
  2. Cleanses it thoroughly
  3. Heavenly Nutty fragrance (it’s a con too for many)
  4. Makes skin smooth and soft
  5. Perfect for dry skin
  6. You can get it on good discount in times of SALE season
  7. A perfect winter shower cream
  8. Oily skin can use it in winters

Below are – points-

  1. Little Costly
  2. fragrance


I will definitely recommend this if you are looking for shower cream but I will again remind you don’t forget to sniff the fragrance you might find it strong for your likings.










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