Patanjali Hair Conditioner Almond(Jaitun-Badam)

Written By Khyati S :-

Hi dear beauties, I know I am very late in writing another review. But here I am back again with a review of one more ayurvedic conditioner.

I already reviewed Patanjali Hair Conditioner Protein in my previous posts, you can go through the review here. As I mentioned its availability is an issue, so after finishing one tube I did not get it again.And,as I was about to travel,it was mandatory for me to buy a conditioner. So I thought of giving a try to an another conditioner by Patanjali and results were not that bad.

I want to mention that I have dry hair with oily scalp which is prone to dandruff if not washed properly.

20150224_224850 (1)


Patanjali Hair Conditioner Almond(Jaitun-Badam)


Rs 60 for 100gm


24 Months/2 years


Conditions, Nourishes and detangles hair, reduce hairfall, split ends. Keeps hair healthy and strong


Check snap below



It is an off white coloured thick creamy substance. The fragrance is mild.



In the beginning of writing, I was very puzzled that how will I differentiate between the two conditioner from same brand. So, I thought of doing a comparative analysis. Please do mention whether you like this way of presenting review or not:

Patanjali Hair Conditioner Protein Patanjali Hair Conditioner Almond
1 Post rinse it gives totally frizz free hairs Same experience
2 Hair feels smooth, tangle free for 3-4 days Yes, but smoothness does not last for more than 2 days.
3 Hairs are maintaining their shine and it is natural Same experience
4 Not sure its contribution towards keeping hair strong. I am experiencing more hair fall as compare to the days when I was using Patanjali Hair Conditioner Protein.
5 Rinsed off very easily. I do not have to use much water for the same. Does not get rinsed off easily. Needs more water and time, offcourse. 
6 Fragrance does not live more than a day. Same experience
7 All natural active ingredients Same experience
8 Travel friendly tube packaging Same experience
9 The conditioner lasted for more than three months Well, this conditioner is thicker, more quantity required to spread it properly throughout the tresses.So, for the hair length like me, it lasts for around two months.
10 Its availability is an issue. Easily available at most of the Patanjali stores.



This is a good product from Patanjali, but given a chance I would prefer to buy previous one



Point deducted for:

1)More quantity required to cover the tresses.

2) Needs a lot of water to get rinsed out.

3) Smoothness does not last for long.

4) I am not sure about the reason of my hairfall, but I can surely say, this product does not have any role towards strength of the hairs or reduction of hair fall.

MY NOTE- the way you compared is really impressive, same problem I also feel many time how to differentiate between same line of product from one brand. I am definitely going to use this way.









11 thoughts on “Patanjali Hair Conditioner Almond(Jaitun-Badam)

  1. Very nice reviews khyati. Girls generally scared of try new products. But your review will definitely bring confidence to use this product. Keep writing keep sharing.

  2. Nice one Khyati. Does it work well on tangled hair? The problem i have is it breaks easily due to tangles even after shampoo and conditioning.

    • Thanks Debolina. This conditioner is supposed to work well in tangled hair provided the problem is due to pollution or dirty/unclean hair. Post rinse I experienced tangle free hairs. But, if the problem is due to other factors like improper nutrition or poor handling of hairs, I don’t think it will help.
      I did not experienced any reduction in hairfall after using this conditioner as I mentioned.
      Hope it helps. Do let me know your experience.

  3. HI friends.. I am using this shampoo, but its gives hair fall and dryness in my hair after using it, I added oil also in my hair before using it, so how to prevent from this hairfall, should i have purchase Patanjali Olive almond conditioner ? ya I have need to change this shampoo ?
    Plz guide me , if you any idea about it..
    what should i do ?

    Show less

  4. HI friends.. I am using Patanjali Kesh kanti hair cleanser shampoo, but its gives hair fall and dryness in my hair after using it, I added oil also in my hair before using it, so how to prevent from this hairfall, should i have use Patanjali Olive almond conditioner after shampoo ? ya I have need to change this shampoo ?
    Plz guide me , if you any idea about it..
    what should i do ?

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    • Dear Sandeep,
      As per your description,I can suggest few things to you :
      1)Stop using the shampoo you have mentioned,probably its not suitable for your hairs.
      2)Try using some other shampoo as per the type of your hair and use the Patanjali conditioner post wash.
      This conditioner do not prevent hair fall as I mentioned above.But,it will surely improve the texture and maintain the softness.
      Do let me know your experience.

  5. I am using it for 2 days only because of split ends but I experience more hairfall.
    Would I continue using it for more days?
    *My hair are long*

    • Are you sure that hairfall increased after the use…if yes…use it in more right way. Generally it’s advisable that conditioner should be used on hair below ears. It should never be used on scalp. Leave it for some time and rinse very well. Try using this way 2-3 times if still problem persist better stop using it. Sometimes some ingredients cause the problem so it’s better to avoid.

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