Maybelline Colorshow Blackcurrant Pop

It’s first time I am reviewing a nail polish. I use to have great nails till my marriage. May be change of city or the lifestyle whatever lead to weak breakable , brittle and bad looking nails. But from past few months I tried to make my lifestyle a little better and hence I can some results too. My nails are becoming strong now and they look healthy too. So now you can expect many more nail polish reviews. Now coming to this particular product…I am a fan of Maybelline Color Show Nail Polishes. They have good range which covers almost all major colors. You can choose the best for you from many. I wanted a lavender color so I picked this. Read on to know details.

DSC02949 DSC02948


Maybelline Colorshow Blackcurrant Pop


Rs 75/- for 6 ml


See the swatch below:-

DSC02946 DSC02945


  • It’s a beautiful pastel lavender shade.
  • It’s give a creamy finish.
  • In one coat it will not show off well you have to apply 2-3 coats atleast.
  • Dries quickly (not very quickly J )
  • Chip in around 2-3 days depends on how much household kind of work you do.
  • A pocket friendly nail polish for everyone.


You should definitely try this it’s a beautiful lavender shade with creamy finish.




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