My Life- My Hobbies

There are some work in this world which you do without feeling any tension any stress, which you love to do even if you are tired. Yes I am talking about hobbies or hobby. You love to do one or multiple it totally depends on you what is important here is the passion towards it.

I never knew I can be in so much love with so many things. Yes you read it right, I love to do so many things these days that I wonder where all these things were till couple of years back and why I wasted my leisure time.

When I started this blog it was always in my mind to include post from different aspect of life not only makeup and personal care. Though I have mentioned about these hobby once in a post here, but that was different art and this is different.

Quilling I heard this name before many times but never knew the quilling bug will hit me so badly and  I am so happy.

Below are pics of my some of the first creations. Hopefully I will improve myself in future and will post in detail. Till den enjoy the piccies:-