Freshlook Colorblend Lens in Pure Hazel

One of item in my checklist was to try Contact Lens. One day I suddenly dared to try. I never tried it before but I so wanted to try it.

I went to a Optical Store nearby to my office. The Salesman was really good to guide me about usage in detail he explained me thoroughly and also taught me how to apply lenses, how to remove them, do’s and dont’s, cleaning regimen etc.

My experience with Freshlook Colorblend was really good. It was meant for 30 usage in span of 60 days. Though I felt after 20 usage it was little difficult to put on. But i continued till 25 usage after that I myself felt little uncomfortable hence stopped using it. We can’t take risk with our eyes, right.

Price- Rs 995/- 

Color- Pure Hazel

My Views- I loved this particular color and I feel it will look really good on Indian skin, eye color and hair colour. I will recommend this to everyone if you really want to try Colored lens.

Ratings- 9/10

Note- Picture is without any filter and editting