Stay Quirky Liquid Lipstick, Purple- You’re my girl crush 9

From couple of months on my YouTube feed so many YouTubers raving about this Stay Quirky brand. Their Kajal their liquid lipstick especially. So I thought why not give it a try and I did a mini haul of Stay Quirky products from Purplle.

I got their liquid lipstick in 2 shades, super matte lipstick in 4 shades and liquid eyeliner in 2 shades. One by one I will review all of them.

Today let’s start with their Liquid Lipstick. The first shade which I will discuss today is You’re My Girl Crush. This is from purple color family range.

Price- Rs 449/- I got in Rs 349/-. There are always some kind offers going on Purplle so chances are high that you will get it under Rs 400/-

Packaging- it reminds me of Nykaa Liquid Lipstick they are so same they look like twins. You can check my review on Nykaa Liquid Lipstick in shade Gul here.

Anyway I love the packaging they look really cute.

My View- well first of all let me discuss about the pigmentation part. They are insanely pigmented. One of the most pigmented Lipstick I came across. Just one swipe is enough. The formula is liquidy and thin. Just one layer is good enough. Here comes the biggest con which is its extremely drying and when I say extremely it is extremely. Its more drying than Sugar Smudge me not liquid lipstick. You really really need to moisturize your lips and have some lip balm. Your lips need to be well exfoliated too.

Staying power is great, it’s non transferable and survive meals too. If your meal is oily it will fade from between and there comes problem with liquid lipstick you will have to reapply it. It crumbles too from here and there which is a big problem with all these drying liquid lipstick.

If you are well prepared (or I can say your lips) you will surely love this. As of now I have got 2 shades may be in future I will add some more in my collection for sure.

Ratings & Recommendation- 7/10

I will recommend this to people who can work well on a good base. Those who are in budget and want to have good pigmented lip Colors.