5 Makeup/Personal Care Products I thought I will never use (Volume-1)

Hello Everyone,

So as usual life is hectic not getting time to be active on my own blog (now website). The latest development is I started my own YouTube channel, oh yes I also joined the league of making videos. Well I am not at all pro in that. Whats pro dude I am not even a novice, just making video and uploading because I love to do that.

I will add my Youtube channel link here . Let me know your feedback on same. Apart from this I am trying to be more active on my Instgram and Pinterest. Well yeah atleast I try.

Now coming to this particular article, from long time I was thinking to write something like this, because when I look at past I find many products which I never thought I will use ever. But now I hate them, love them, dont know. Well lets read on to know that. I am going to create many such volumes. This one is first in this series-

  1. Facial Oils-
    The very first product in this category is Facial Oils. I am not at all an oil person. I hate using oil even on my hair forget about face. I have normal to dry skin, depending upon weather it become super dry or combination. I use to thought face oils are not for me. But I use to see many bloggers, youtubers rave about using facial oil in their skin care routine. I thought why not lets give it a try. I had Rogan Badam Shirin (not in the pic below) in my home and it started from that, I used it for around 2 week and I literally saw the difference in my skin. So I ordered Nykaa Naturals Pomegrenate Seed Facial Oil- Pure cold pressed and soon after that I also brought Kama Ayurveda Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, Kama Ayurveda Organic Neem Oil and Kama Ayurveda Organic Sesame Oil. Needless to say literally I am so much in love with all. Especially Sesame oil. I will share my detail routine and each product review very soon with you all.
  2. Sheet Masks- who thought I will fall in love with Sheet masks. I don’t remember exactly but few years back when I visited VLCC for keratin treatment of my hair at display counter I purchased some goodies and one among them was a sheet mask kind of thing. It was costly and I was totally clueless I gifted that to my mom. Though I don’t know whether she used it or not. Coming to now when this revolution started in India. I also thought to give a try last yr and got some The Face Shop sheet mask. Well I thought all will be almost same it’s just ingredient variant is mainly for fragrance or may be mild effect. But I was totally wrong so I tried bamboo sheet mask and I didn’t liked it at all. I used that in humid weather may be that can be reason that my skin felt miserable. So I took break of around 2-3 months after that and with lots of courage tried another one and this time it was calendula and oh my god I loved it so much. Mostly I am regular with The Face Shop sheet masks recently I got Tony Moly. I also have compressed sheet mask from miniso. I will review all soon.
  3. Bronzer-  My love for bronzer is very new may be one month old but I am already in love with this. Whenever I plan for a heavy makeup look and use my full coverage foundation I always use to feel something is lacking. I started using blush and highlighters still something was lacking. I use to thought bronzer is only for contouring and how wrong I was. Its a must have product, it gives dimension and give life to dull face, pale face. It does to contouring too if you are using bronzer without sheen. I have to explore much more in this I am at very first baby step
  4. Highlighers/Strobing/Illuminators-   perhaps I should have mentioned it on top of the list. Highlighters were always a No No for me. Means who use highlighter its so tacky. 2 years back I got my first Strobing product it was from LA Girl Strobelite strobing powder, it comes in so many variants. I ordered one based on my instinct. Well my intention that time was to use that on inner corners of my eyes and brow bones. But I started doing experiment on face, I liked the effect but somehow I felt if there is less glittery particle it would look great (read that glow from within look) and hence I ended up having so many products. Truely speaking I dont regret it at all. Slowly its becoming part of my normal outside routine and I love it. I am proud to have some really good highlighters. May be I will do a separate review on this too.
  5. Konjac Sponge- I came to know about this product couple of months back and I was like it will be like normal sponge or loofah. But my curiosity was still on it, I did a little research and I had to get it. It sounded so different so magical. So I am using Konjac Sponge from past 1 month and yeah it does make difference. Review on this will be up very soon.

So these are some of the products I never thought I will be using and now I am head to toe in love with all. I love these kind of writeups. What you people think, let me know in comments.

Lots of Love,