Currently Obsessing- 3

After long time I am writing Currently Obsessing on my blog. Well obsession were there its just that forgot to put it on blog. So lets see what I am obsessing over currently

  1. Nature Photography in Monsoon- well yeah why not. Rain just washes away the dirt from leaves and flowers. Those tiny tiny water drops on leaves, they are mesmerizing. I love them, do you?
  1. Healthy Baking- When I was pregnant i explored lot of food options and substitutes one was healthy baking. Recently baked this awesome Banana cake. Ohh I can say Microwaved.


  1. Kindle Book- Currently reading this awesome Kindle version of this book and so far loving it. Let me read and I will share my views.


  1. Eyeshadow Palettes- Once upon a time I was big fan of eyeshadow and eyeshadow palettes but with time I moved onto different things. But now my love is back again and how.
  1. Facial Oils- Man do i love them, dont ask me this. I just simply love them like lot and lot. You all must try something suitable for your skin they are game changer.

What you all are currently obsessing Over? Let me know in comments

With lots of ♥️