4 Nail Paint color ideas for totally clueless mind

Hello everyone,

Last two weeks have been super hectic for me, I am continuously travelling. I hardly did any blogging and whatever little I did it was scheduled post.

So excited for today’s post as these kind of posts are new to me too. I am going to share 10 nail paint ideas and will link my review along with them.

Well to start with I grew up my nails almost after 3 years. About 3 years before I was expecting and had got some itching issues hence chopped off my nails after that with for care of my baby I kept it short only. Recently I started growing them (just one hand for now).

These colors are my personal favourite of this season and some colors I am going to rock in summers too.

  1. Bold dark colors-

I believe super deep color can never go out of fashion. though I always believed it’s Aunty kind of color but now I feel it has its own charm (or may be i have become an aunty now 😉 . The color used is miniso and and El Corazon you can read the review here and here.

  1. Metallic color-

These days metallic color are so in be it eye makeup or Lipstick everything. I was not that much big fan of metallic color when I had short nails but with a bit increase in length i so love these colors. Color used are polish molish and miss nails you can read the review here and here

  1. Pastel colors-

My first love in nail polish I so love pastel color especially in summer season. Colors used are Kay beauty and Sally Hansen you can read the review here and here.

  1. Neon color-

Again one of the latest trend and one of the best too. They are like makeover of nails dont believe me check the swatch below. Colors are Color flecks and nykaa. You can read the review here and here

So these are the colors and trends I am obsessing right now.

Let me know in comments your favourite colour this season.

With lots of ♥️


Note- pictures are clicked from my mobile with its built in filter mode. No further editting is done. The picture is in natural day light.

Disclaimer- I have purchased and used this product. Based on my experience I have shared my honest view.