My attempt for Ombre nail polish- Attempt 1, what I learned from my mistake

It was a total failure. So before you read further I thought to warn you in advance😁.

Well I started growing my nails back around 6 months back. They are kind of mid length. Ombre nails I wanted to try from quite sometime, so last week I thought to give it a try. It was a total failure, and I had to remove it to again try next day. So before I remove I clicked a pic to post a blog series on it. Like my attempts to learn ombre nails. What I thought and what mistake I did etc etc

There are so many things lets discuss one by one

  • Color- making a choice in color was the first thing. I am all into bright neons green and lemon green is my favourite. So I chose this two.
  • I am all neon these days hence these two color from neon formulation
  • I wanted a matte finish for it
  • So I collected all supplies like green nail polish, lemon green nail polish, latex peel off, base coat, white color nail polish, matte top coat, top coat, q tips, nail polish remover, cotton balls, sponge

Now when everything was at one place I started trying the ombre nail. I will mention step by step and my mistakes too.

  • Firstly I applied the latex peel off coat around my nails. It was first time I was applying the latex coat. I didn’t knew much except what I saw n number of times on many videos on YouTube and other places. It was not at all neat. I applied in on corner of nails too 😬
  • I applied base coat
  • After that I applied white color nail polish. Idea was on white color base colors will pop, I anyway use white nail polish under any neon polish or pastel polish. But what mistake I did was I didn’t let it dry completely. It was dry but not complete dry. Remember for every coat the previous coat has to be completely DRY especially in ombre else you will not get result at all while using sponge.
  • I applied the both nail polish on sponge and pressed on my nails. Well as the white base was not completely dry, the nail polish application was not successful infact the sponge took some white nail polish also.
  • I repeated the process 3-4 times but in vain. As I was making mistake of not letting it dry.
  • So at last I gave up and applied both nail polish directly and clicked pic
  • I watched some videos on it and all set to give my second attempt.

I know it’s very bad but I should share my failures too with you guys. The second attempt will be up on the blog very soon.

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With lots of ♥️


Note- pictures are clicked from my mobile with its built in filter mode. Further to enhance the features it’s editted on App.

Disclaimer- I have purchased and used this product. Based on my experience I have shared my honest views