My Experiment with Rice water rinse on hair

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I wanted to share something interesting today that’s my experiment with rice water rinse. I wanted to try it from long time. But my hair care routine always comes last it seems . On and off I am also trying CG method. My hair is naturally wavy. But I have lot of unused products so first I will finish them and then will start a dedicated CG method.

So there are lot of method mentioned at many places what I did was I washed raw rice 2-3 times nicely and soaked it in filtered water. I left it overnight and morning I used the rice for Idli batter and water I kept in a jar I left the water again for almost 4-5 hours. So total time taken was 14 hrs soak plus 4 hrs strained total 18 hrs. Smell was little funny but tolerable though I read at most of the places take 3-4 spoon rice in a litre of water and leave it for 24 hours the water will become little milky and frothy. Truely speaking my nose too sensitive to bear that smell hence I went with milder one. You can increase or decrease the tine depending upon your smell sensitivity.

Coming to the water. I filled the spray bottle with rice water and sprayed on my hair covering almost all hair root to tip. Left it for 30 mins. Took a headbath used mild shampoo and conditioner.

Any changes I saw …yes my hair felt a bit shiny n it was nice to touch them kind of soft. I have used it two times as of now. And planning to continue.

Also the second time I used it was third day from the hair wash day and I didn’t shampoo my hair as I felt my scalp was clean only and didn’t used conditioner either as I thought to use leave in conditioner. Well the hair did felt much better. Shiny n soft. Below is the pic I clicked on 3rd day from hair wash day using the above techniques. Kindly ignore the frizziness.

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Note- pictures are clicked from my mobile with its built in filter mode. Further to enhance the features it’s editted on App.


I have explained the process based on whatever information I have and as best of my knowledge. It’s not necessary that DIY and these homemade techniques will work for all. Also they show result with time and continuous usage. Do the patch test before proceeding.