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Posting in Food & Recipes after a long time. I have so many recipe idea to share. Actually I thought initially that I will be posting full detailed recipes. But I don’t think that’s possible for me to do hence I will be posting recipe ideas with quick recipe details. This makes sense to me.

Now coming to today’s post. I knew about Teatrunk brand from sometime but never thought to order. But recently I wanted to explore different variety of tea and it seems Instagram knew exactly what I wanted and the ad popped up.

I immediately went to their website checked many varieties and I was hell confused hence I went with mix and match samples.

So I got almost 9 samples and one by one I will review the same in my coming posts. Also I ordered the infuser for I don’t know what may be for a true feeling of brewing a healthy tea.

In 9… choosing one to start with was difficult but after a mental calculation and discussion went ahead with Rose Oolong Tea.

The moment I opened the pack the fresh floral fragrance of rose and the woody fragrance of green tea was enough to make me drool for it. That fresh rose fragrance is lit.

Packaging- it came nicely pack in a ziplock kind of packet

Quantity- is decent to the price. As per website from each sample one can make 4-5 cup. But if you don’t like strong one you can make around 10-12 cup.

Rose Oolong Tea is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants. It has got many health benefits and beauty benefits too. I will recommend you to go through the below link to know more about it direct from the website.

My Views-

The moment I opened the packet that dried rose petals made it look so exotic and the fragrance is unmatched. it’s not like that artificial rose fragrance.. it’s like that desi gulaab (Indian rose) fragrance. I brewed a cup of this and the moment I tasted it. Oh God the fragrance…I don’t know about other benefits but aromatherapy is definitely going to work for me. The medium pleasant sweet fragrance of rose with the blend of green tea kind of flavour. I didn’t added anything else. It was bliss and so relaxing. if you like green tea flavour and fine with rose fragrance. You will definitely like it.

It contains medium level caffeine so not recommended before bed time. As per website it’s best enjoyed post meal like afternoon or mid evening. This goes well with light pastries, pancakes and crepes. I tried it with banana pancake it did taste well. I didn’t add anything into it. Just plain Rose Oolong Tea.

Have you tried rose tea or this tea. Let me know in comments.

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