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Today time to review the next flavour from my stock which I purchased from . You can check my last review of Rose Oolong Tea to know what I got from them.

Coming to today’s post it’s about Mango Mint Green Tea. Why I chose this because last one was more of like sweet note fragrance and flavour. So I wanted a tangy tropical kind of flavour to explore. Hence went ahead with this one.

You can more description and detail about it by clicking here

Ingredients used are Mint, Mango bits, orange peel and green tea

It has medium Caffeine level and as taste note are sour, bright and intense

I totally agree with the flavour note point.

Coming to my views

☕ The fragrance is simply woow..the moment you open the packet you can just feel the rush of aroma

☕ Aroma is mango with hint of mint and orange peel that’s something so unique and refreshing

☕ Best part it’s not artificial at feels so fresh as if we went to garden picked some mango, mint and orange and brewed some green tea

☕ Fragrance is not like aam panna or mint mango thing ..the more of orange peel gives it a different intense exotic touch

☕ Now coming to flavour I found mint is dominating the taste , even green tea also dominating but it’s a green tea overall

☕ Perhaps I wanted a burst of mango flavour. It’s there but not dominating.. it’s like you take a sip and you feel it’s there but you feel it’s mint again your feel it’s orange and lastly you feel it’s mango

☕ Repeating again fragrance is so good till last sip

☕ You can rebrew it. Also it’s comparatively mild and color is also less prominent then rose oolong tea

☕ It’s rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants

Overall it’s good I will select this mainly because of tangy tropical fragrance.

With lots of ♥️


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