Blue Pea Green Tea from

Blue Pea Green Tea

It’s a Sampler I purchased from Teatrunk website along with 8 more samples.

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I am a big time tea lover and have recently done a sampler haul from Teatrunk. They have amazing variety and collection. I am definitely going to get more from them.

Coming to today’s post it’s their one of the most discussed Tea which is Blue Pea Green tea. This can catch anyone’s attention because of its colour. Infact I went to this website just because of this tea pic.

Close Texture shot of Blue pea green tea from Teatrunk
Close Texture shot

So after my love relationship with 2 variants I thought to go ahead with this one.

My Views-

☕Well unlike other two, this had mild and subtle fragrance not very overpowering the moment when you open the package.

☕It’s low in caffeine so you can have it anytime. It’s kind of warning thing too as I like to have a heavily Caffeinated drink in the morning along with my breakfast I had this one and after an hour I had to make my regular tea. I will suggest better have it in afternoon or late evening.

☕It’s a Sampler and can make around 4-7 cups depending upon your cup size and how strong you want the flavour

☕As per website their all tea Variant can be rebrewed so is this one too. I do rebrew it after a gap of around 1 hour and it taste good only

☕The basic color of this tea is indigo blue but when you add lemon juice it changes to purple. Though I prefer this drink without lemon juice.

Color changing comparison of Blue pea green tea from Teatrunk by adding lemon juice in it
Left- with lemon juice Right- without lemon juice

☕This we can have as cold and hot beverages both. I prefer it as hot beverage but as we can make liquor infusions, cocktails, iced tea etc I will try to explore more on it and share a different review.

☕As it contains Orange peel also along with blue pea flower and green tea it has citrusy taste too that’s why I avoid adding lemon juice in it as that overpower the citrusy taste. Without lemon juice I find the taste is very well balanced you can get the taste note of citrus orange, a fresh note of blue pea but what is most important for me here is the subtle taste of green tea and that’s why I really liked it alot

☕This tea is loaded with Antioxidants and is good for digestion, detox, beauty and as a brain booster (taken from company website)

☕Blue pea is used in Ayurvedic Medicine and it lowers blood pressure and has anti anxiety, anti asthmatic and pain relieving properties. (Taken from company website)

Blue pea green tea from Teatrunk without lemon juice
Without Lemon Juice
Outsider picture of Blue pea green tea from Teatrunk without lemon juice
A more closer view without Lemon Juice
The color change from blue to purple in Blue pea green tea from Teatrunk
Few drops of lemon juice and color changes to purple
Purple color changing of Blue pea green tea from Teatrunk by adding lemon juice
Here it is the purple Beauty

Overall I really liked this tea and either will buy more samples or will go ahead with full size. Taste wise and benefit wise I find it worth investing.

With lots of ♥️


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