Floral Water Color Painting in Mini Watercolor book and my mistakes

Watercolor painting is definitely one of the most tricky thing to do. Somedays it’s so good even if I do some mistake it gets corrected easily and even after doing mistake it looks good…but there are some days or read many days when even after trying to do something perfectly totally mess up the final look.

Inspired by my own flower doodle on Black Mini Sketchbook which I have posted here. I thought to paint the same in black background and white background. The black one I am yet to start, did this white one recently on Ayush Paper 270 gsm 4×4 Mini Watercolor book.

It was so difficult to paint what I have imagined, its no where near to that. I faced huge problem in putting stroke I used thick brush and thin both round one both didnt work. My brushes are medium quality brushes I believe either I selected wrong brush or I need more professional brush. But right now I am not going to invest in professional brushes I already have good quality papers and colors are also decent. I need to practice more on my strokes.

But still I wanted to share this here.

Floral water color painting on Ayush Paper Mini Watercolor book 4×4 270 gsm
Watercolor painting on 4×4 270 GSM Ayush Paper Mini Watercolor book

With lots of ♥️


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