Food Idea- Aata Fara or Stuffed Dal Aata Pittha (stuffed lentils steamed wheat flour dumplings)

What you call Fara or Pittha, in my native place we call it Pittha and traditionally they are made from rice flour. But I like wheat flour one too.. especially I find them super easy as most of the time I keep some extra kneaded dough.

Mostly for the filling Chana dal is used but I have used moong daal for it.

  • wash and soak Moong dal for minimum of 30 min

  • in a pan take a spoon of oil splutter cumin seed, green chillies, crushed garlic and ginger

  • put the moong dal and roast it for 2-3 minutes

  • let it cool down completely and then grind it without using water just add salt as per taste.

  • add coriander leaves in the mixture

This is the filling I made. I have shared the recipe link you can follow the same.

Recipe link is mentioned below

And here is the pic


I made the recipe as per my preference and choices, the measurement may be more or less for you. Though I will always try to mention this point.
I am not a proper chef, I just love cooking for me and my family. I check various food blogs, instagram accounts, youtube videos etc so whenever I will take any recipe I will definitely mention the source link. Lets be fair and thankful to one and all.
Step by step pictures of food preparation will not be available for time being may be after few more months I will start sharing. So just enjoy with final pic only

With lots of ♥️


Note- pictures are clicked from my mobile with its built in filter mode. Further to enhance the features it’s editted on App.