Glass Nib Dip Pen from Amazon- First Impression

My love for calligraphy started around 5-6 years back. I love watching video and pics but due to other priorities I never focused on it. Recently while cleaning I came across my stash of calligraphy and my love bloomed again.

Glass nib dip pen was in my wish list from long time and I ordered this set from Amazon. Its from Worison brand, link is here. After doing lot of research on internet found this one as best deal as its come with 12 different color ink too. Plus ratings were also high. Today I am going to share my first impression of using this Worison Glass Nib Dip pen from Amazon going forward I will share my further review.

Why Glass Nib Dip pen?
I got this because of its stunning look and the result it gives and obviously its versatile too.

Why Worison?
I have used couple of products from this brand like their brush, scissors etc and find it good budget buy so when saw the product on Amazon without any second thought went ahead with this.

How’s Packaging?
Its pretty good, comes in a sturdy black box which includes one dip pen (with nib covered) and 12 inks. Ink bottle are nicely secured with rubber stopper and screw cap. Overall its 10/10 for the packaging.

How’s nib?
Its so good infact the feel of holding the pen in hand is awesome, it feels so luxe and delicate at same time. It is delicate indeed. You need tp be really careful of the whole pen and particularly the nib as its prone to get break.

Glass Nib Dip Pen
Worison Glass Nib dip pen

How’s Ink?
I was so happy to choose this as it comes with 12 color ink. The bottle is so nicely packed. Pigmentation looked decent as of now. I used it on around 220 gsm paper and it didnt bleed. Will check on different paper and will share my feedback in final review.

Worison Crystal Glass Nib Dip pen
Packaging with Pen and Ink

First Impression?
AWESOME…So happy with my purchase. I wrote few lines and also made some flower leaves doodle. Initially I thought that nib will have to be dipped very frequently but to my surprise it was decent enough. So easy to write, so easy to doodle.

Glass Nib

What’s next?
So many things, will share here combined. To get updates on regular basis follow my hobby Instagram page. All links are mentioned below.

With lots of ♥️


Note- pictures are clicked from my mobile without any filter mode. 
Disclaimer- I have purchased and used these product. Based on my experience I shared my honest views

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