Daughters of the Sun by Ira Mukhoty

Book Name- Daughters of the Sun by Ira Mukhoty

Type- Kindle paid version

Some books are not just books they are the ocean of information which you always wanted to know…

Indian history always fascinated me … infact sometimes I do think I should have gone the history way instead of management (but I love my HR work too). My love for forts, museums, history related books are never ending.

When I heard about this book I knew I have to read this..I wanted a hardcopy but went ahead with Kindle version. This book is on the life of Begum shahzadis of Mughal Dynasty. Or can say those powerful females. From Khanzada Begum (Babur’s sister) to Zeenat- Un – Nissa (Aurangjeb’s daughter)

This book is not only about their life but also a change from Timurid to Hindustani culture. Very well mentioned. But the most interesting and offcourse the most powerful character but still many don’t know about her was Jahanara Begum. I always had a fascination or can say a curiousity to know about her. Indeed she was the most magnificent …

It took me many months to complete this book..I hardly skipped even a word…where I wanted to knew more I searched on net…I took time to understand and yes I Loved It Alot.

Kindle version book of Daughters of the Sun by Ira Mukhoty
Daughters of the Sun by Ira Mukhoty

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Disclaimer- I have purchased the Kindle version and read this book. Based on my experience I have shared my honest views