Polish Molish Pink Is For Girl Holographic Polish

Polish Molish Pink Is For Girl Holographic Polish

I am on spree of reviewing nail polishes which I got in recent times. Few I got from Nykaa (Kay beauty), few I got from Miniso (Pittura range) and few i got from www.ilovemypolish.com.

So I got in total 5 nail polishes from this website and I have reviewed 3 already in recent time and previously also I got one whose review is also there. You can check my all nail polishes reviews here. Just to update a little more I have naturally short nail and I generally dont prefer to have long nails a bit of length is sufficient for me. So if you are someone who have short nails do follow my blog or infact you can follow me on my Insta account too for more updates on regular basis. My Instagram account handle you can find in right side of this website. Go check and follow.

Well this is my first Polish Molish purchase and this is Russian brand. I got this in holographic finish. I have tried earlier holographic from different brands but never noticed and just applied like that. Now when I am exploring more into the nail polish genre I will keep a check on the same. So a quick google search tells me that Holographic nail polish are like the same nail polishes but with addition of pigments, This pigment can be very fine silver particles (or may be more different colors) .

While browsing the website I came across this, trying a holo nail polish was on my wish list and the price was Rs 600/-. Though the price in Russia is 500 Russian Ruble which means Rs 580 as per current rate. A good deal isnt it. So quickly placed the order. Though I wanted a different shade but this one was available.

Like all other previously reviewed nail polishes from this website, it didnt disappointed me at all, such an easy application. Its again a one coat nail polish, 2 coat is more than enough. Very pretty pink with extremely fine silver holo effect. Dry decently and stay decently for 4-5 days. I think 4-5 days is good time period because I have seen nail polishes going away even in single day. Formula, finish everything is superb, Bristle is again decent enough for easy application. I am super happy with my purchase and want to have more shades in it. Now enjoy the pics.


Ratings- 9/10

With lots of ♥️


Note- pictures are clicked from my mobile with its built in filter mode. No further editting is done. The picture is in natural day light.

Disclaimer- I have purchased and used this product. Based on my experience I have shared my honest views