Handmade Crochet Bag- the most doable handbag

Crochet Bag- handmade and the most beginner friendly

Have you tried making Handmade bag or I can say a Crochet Handmade bag? I am a hoarder if I like anything and around 4-5 years back I got my heart on crochet yarns and got many many many of them. But I made very few projects and the same continued. Its not that I was not doing at all, but very slow.

I follow many Instagram account related to Crochet and there is this account allaboutami. She have many beginner level to advance level yarn related pattern. I really love her work. So this bag was from her Wildrose Market Bag pattern, link of her website where this pattern is mentioned is here

My Views-

Though she has used wildrose pattern granny square, but I already had many granny squares left from my previous project hence I continued with that only. As my granny size was small hence the bag was small. But needless to say it was so so so easy to make and literally you can make it with any granny squares. I am definitely planning to make one in the exact same design or may be in popcorn granny square. Making a handmade crochet bag is a pure bliss.

Below is the pic of what I have made and also I share many things on my Instagram Account related to hobby, Art and Craft , you can follow me on Novice Kreations

Crochet Handbag
White Pink and Blue..my favourite combination

I enjoyed making it. Its actually a very beginner friendly project and I am sure you must have loved it too. Let me know your thoughts on it.

With lots of ♥️


Note- pictures are clicked from my mobile without any filter mode. Further to enhance the features it’s edited on App.

Disclaimer- this DIY has been done by following some patterns the link for the same is already shared.